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MeetMarket is reinventing the way people live, love, and explore within their communities.

Our platform combines the Metrics we collect from our Members and our local business partners to curate communities of like-minded Members, then directs Members to local businesses they will love, where they can meet people they enjoy, and make genuine, in-person connections.  

All of this happens with limited web or device based touch points and complete privacy. Using online to get people offline and into environments where they can be their true selves. Profiles are not public and check-ins happen discreetly on the MeetMarket app.  You will be able to meet not only other members, but also other customers who have similar interests in activities as the locations you visit will remain open for business as usual.  You can also bring as many friends as you’d like!  

These are not dating events.  Our goal is to make the vibe completely organic and pressure free, but efficient for finding people you have real chemistry with. - ringing a more productive and genuine option to engage with other singles. Our method eliminates swiping and messaging on your device and being disappointed by bad first dates with people who don't live up to their profiles or a personality that was easy to fake in a virtual environment.  True chemistry can't happen behind a mobile device. 

Read more about how MeetMarket works by visiting, www.meetmarket.us/how-it-works

MeetMarket has adapted our launch plan to align with the current climate caused by COVID-19. We are listening to medical expert reports on when business should be able to safely accommodate group gatherings.

In the meantime, we are not going anywhere.  Complete your Membership Application by August 31st, 2020 and receive your first year as a MeetMarket member for free! Your free year begins when you receive your first invite to meet other members in person, not the date you sign up.

Join MeeMarket by visiting, meetmarket.us/apply